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Bottles and Perfumes


Perfumes and women are bosom pals and nobody can separate the two. The perfume bottle has nothing to do with what it contains but bottles and perfumes go hand in hand. The shape, size and design of the perfume bottle is a very important marketing strategy for every perfume company. May be men don’t care about the bottles outer shell but women lay equal importance to the appearance of the bottle as they do to the quality of perfume. This is the single most important reason why the perfume companies have to be very selective in picking the most attractive bottle to lure their female clientele. Bottles and perfumes are both equally significant when it comes to the packaging of the product.

Bottles and perfumes are the heart and soul of every lady and it is her passion to wear the best perfume that comes with the most attractive bottle. When the perfume is finished, the empty bottle can be used as a decorative item in the house. In fact, some women probably would care more for the beauty of the bottle than what is in it. There are some very high quality perfumes that are packaged in very simple shaped bottles. CHANEL No. 5 is a classic example of an evergreen perfume that has been selling for the last many decades as one of the most favorites of everyone, yet packaged in a simple clear glass square shaped bottle. The bottle design can be a factor in the sales of a perfume but eventually, it is the quality and appeal of the perfume that makes it one of the hot sellers.

Mentioning about bottles and perfumes, another good example of great cologne in an ordinary bottle is men’s DOLCE & GABBANA eau de cologne that is again packaged in a very simple rounded glass bottle but is one of the most popular among men. ARAMIS is a real mesmerizing and captivating men’s perfume, which comes in a simple square shaped bottle. But then there are bottles and perfumes that are perfect complement for each other. GIVENCHY pour homme is one of them that is a great quality cologne for men packaged in a very attractive and uniquely shaped bottle. The bottle itself can be the major contributing factor to the cost of the perfume.

Among women’s bottles and perfumes, the list is endless. ORGANZA by GIVENCHY is a great perfume perfectly matched by a beautifully designed bottle that is a piece of art. Shaped like a lady figure with an artistically intriguing top, the bottle is just an amazing decorative article. JEWEL by Alfred Sung is another example of a bottle that complements the perfume it contains. JEDORE for women is a unique bottle that is reminiscent of traditional African ladies with their jewelry around the neck. These perfume bottles are truly designed as pieces of art and would be appropriate as decorative items in any household.

Women are definitely the biggest buyers of bottles and perfumes and men are no match for them. This is the main reason why the women’s perfume section is a lot bigger than men’s in any of the departmental stores. There are even perfumes packaged in lipstick shaped bottles that can be carried in a lady’s purse. Women are definitely the consumers driving the market of perfumes and bottles.


Source by Peter Vermeeren

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